This article walks you through removing bloatware apps which may have been installed on your Wear OS device by a third party manufacturer. Using ADB, developer options, and ADB debugging, one can simply remove these packages using the pm command, despite said apps not providing an easy uninstall button in the GUI.


If you’ve ever bought a laptop, desktop, or, in this case, Android smartwatch from a third-party manufacturer, you’ve probably seen useless apps installed on said device right off the bat. HP WontPrint, Dell WishfulConnect, Acer GeniusBoot etc. I came up with these names just now, but you hopefully…

Hey! Although I used code screenshots from this service right here, I’ve also included a helpful gist here of the final code created throughout this article for that quick copy-paste goodness we’ve all grown to love.

Artifactory, and my life the last 2 days


We’ve slowly been moving over from Jitpack to Artifactory at work — it’s a more robust, polished solution for corporate environments. As a result, we’ve been changing the way our build process works which has not been without its challenges. This article is intended to be a quick guide for getting you up and running with Artifactory. …


This article takes a look at Dependency Injection as a whole, what Dagger 2 is, and how we can implement DI through a very simple Android example.

Dependency Injection

Quoting the Wikipedia page for Dependency Injection, we get that:

In software engineering, dependency injection is a technique whereby one object supplies the dependencies of another object.

In a nutshell, this can be illustrated by the following code snippet:

Dependency “injection” of sorts

In the first line, we have a regular instantiation — the present context passes all of the required information to some class, called User, to create a new instance. We get back John Smith…

Oh boy, my first Medium article. Let’s see how I’ll mess this up! 😃

Quite recently, the team at work ran into the following error when attempting to build our application’s APK:

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